Website design for small business

Website design for small business

It’s hard to be a small business, but also very rewarding. When you run a small business there are many things that you need to do that are often times outside of your area of expertise. But, whether you like it or not, to be successful you either need to pay a lot of money to a lot of different companies, or you need to learn to skills yourself. Website design for small business is one of those things.

As a small business you need an awesome presence on the internet to promote your company. There are three ways of making this happen.

Small Business Web Design Options

  1. You develop and maintain your online presence entirely on your own. Many small businesses do this. You learn the basics of webdesign and social media, and do your best on the web. Website platforms like Wix are great for this. There are of course drawbacks to this approach. Namely, if you’re not a webdesign pro, then the website you are able to build will only take you so far. So you need to decide where to invest your resources.
  2. You outsource it all. You find a great digital marketing company to really take things to the next level with first rate marketing and SEO strategies. There is of course a price tag connected with this option, and sometimes it can be pretty hefty. The benefit of course is that you can get a top of the line digital product. But you need to decide the extent to which this is necessary for your business mode, and what you can afford.
  3. You take the middle road. You hire a website designer to do the initial setup of your website, and then you do the updates and maintenance moving forward. Many digital marketing companies will even provide some training so that you are empowered to manage your own website once it has been created.

There’s no one approach to website design for small business. You need to know your talents, weaknesses, and your budget and time availability.

At Designer Pro Marketing, we’re happy to help you with whichever approach is right for you. Get in touch and we’ll figure it out together.

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