Website design layout

Website design layout

People spend a lot of time thinking about website design layout. In fact, they spend too much time thinking about it. In 2020 there should only be one determining factor for choosing a website design layout. Is it responsive? That is, how does it appear when viewed on a cellphone or tablet as compared to a PC. A responsive website has the ability to change its content and layout based on what type of device it’s accessed with.

Not all website layouts are responsive, and not all website layouts present well on smaller screens. But the truth of the matter is that a majority of people view websites from their phones. So doesn’t it make sense to design a website with this in mind? If your website looks beautiful on a big computer screen, but people rarely view it like that, then what’s the point?!

When our own website designers build websites, one of their top priorities is to make sure that it’s responsive. So when we choose or develop WordPress themes for our clients, or build out websites on any other platform, we always stress the importance of responsiveness.

User experience on different devises

When people browse a website from their computers, they generally have more time and patience. They are sitting down at home or in the office, or even accessing the website on their TV. Presentation is important, and your website needs to be appealing and thorough.

It’s a different story when people connect to your website from their phones. They could be on the train or in the elevator. They don’t always have as much time, and do to the smaller screen size, can’t be inundated with too much content at the same time.

The different user experiences should help guide the development of the website for these different platforms. For example, we will sometimes limit website menu options for mobile users to just a few consolidated choices so that they are not overwhelmed with information and just leave the website entirely.

The Bottom Line

Do yourself a favor! When you explore website design layouts, don’t focus too much on building an aesthetically beautiful website. Focus on building a responsive one!

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